My Barista:

My Barista:

Your Barista:

Your Barista:
Juxtyworld Juxtyworld Apr 15, 2016 Food
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How I take my meals:

How I take my meals

Breakfast in Bed for Me:

Breakfast in Bed for Me

Your idea of dinner

Your idea of dinner

Your Idea of Herb

Your Idea of Herb

My idea of eating donuts:

My idea of eating donuts

My Sandwiches:

My Sandwiches

How I use chocolate sauce:

How I use chocolate sauce

How I eat My Breakfast:

How I eat My Breakfast

My Dessert:

My Dessert

My fave Dark Chocolate:

My fave Dark Chocolate

My Pizza Delivery:

My Pizza Delivery

what i feed your girl:

what i feed your girl